Honey cake recipe at home

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  1. Cornflour two tablespoon
  2. Custard powder strawberry flavor one teaspoon
  3. Pure honey three-tablespoon
  4. Fresh butter fifty gram
  5. Lemon juice one teaspoon
  6. Baking powder one teaspoon
  7. Two chicken eggs
  8. Baking paper large size


Separate the eggs yolk and whiteness and mix them with handkerchief until it looks like a shake. Add cornflour, custard powder, honey, and baking powder in the butter and blend the mixture properly. And then add the lemon juice and egg mixture in it and blend all the mixture one more time. 

Now take a powder mold and put the packed paper around it and in the pan and put some fresh butter on the paper so that the cake does not stick with the paper and separate easily. And now place the mixture on the vessel and leave it in the oven. 

After half an hour check the cake stuff with handkerchief or spoon. If the cakes are solid and soft and not melting then the cake is ready. But if the cake is looking melt then leave the cake for more ten minutes. And now the delicious honey cake is ready to serve. 

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  1. The honey cake can be served at birthday parties as a birthday cake because it’s different and more delicious than fresh cream cake. 
  2. This cake can be used as snacks in the afternoon 
  3. Don’t eat this cake in the diet and bodybuilding plans because the honey cake is a very high number of fats
  4. Honey cake is a very good choice in events and occasions.
  5. And honey cake with the tea is the greatest choice ever.

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