Tutti frutti icecream recipe at home

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  • Sugar 600 gram
  • Fresh milk 5 liter
  • Icecream powder 4 spoons
  • Pistachio 50 gram
  • Carrot fruit 130 gram
  • Ten eggs
  • Fruit 50 gram
  • Cream 130 gram


Blend the yolks of eggs in a food processor or blender. Cut the carrot fruits and pistachio in very small pieces. Then add the milk and in an ice cream maker and mix sugar and fresh cream in it. 

And add the eggs yolk and all the ingredients in it and blend again. Then freeze the mixture in an ice cream machine or freezer. And leave it for a 1-hour minimum. 

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  1. Tutti frutti is very delicious everyone loved it,
  2. You can serve this ice cream in birthday parties and events,
  3. Tutti frutti ice cream is non-beneficial in bodybuilding and dieting because ice cream is very high numbers of fats,
  4. Ice cream helps to reduce the brain stress and it makes the brain fresh,
  5. Ice cream is good for kids because fats are good for kids

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