Pineapple juice recipe at home

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  • Pineapples 8 servings
  • Rosewater 10 drops
  • White sugar half cup
  • Fruits 3 gram


Wash the fruits and cut them properly. Separate the pineapple into pieces. Pieces should be thicker. Now cook the 8 servings of pineapples and drops of rose half hour. 

Now mash the fruits into rose water with a piece of cloth. Cook the rose water into sugar to make a drink. 

Add the pieces of pineapples into the water of rose and sugar. Wait for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the juice looks marvelous and ready to serve. 

And the most important thing to stay at home stay safe for your family and most important for yourself.


  1. It strengthens and improves digestion
  2. You can use pineapple juice in diet plans too because they are very low in fats.
  3. Pineapple juice is very healthy for kids and youngsters because it improves body growth.

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