Fresh lemonade recipe at home

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  • Lemon water 2 cup
  • Yellow food color half spoon
  • Fresh Water halves kg
  • Sugar 3 grams


Add the squeeze water of lemons in one cup. Then add sugar the sugar and water in a dixie and cook for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes when the sugar dissolved in water properly. Then add the water of lemons too. And cook the mixtures properly and mix it with a spoon slowly. 

If you do not mix it with a spoon then it might be waste. So be careful when you cook the mixture. When the mixture was cooked properly. Then fill the lemonade in washed bottles. Leave the mixture to be chilled out. When the lemonade is completely cooled. 

Then serve the lemonade. It’s very easy to make lemonade at home. You just have high-level confidence then you can do anything in your life it’s just a matter of good body language with high-level confidence. 

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  1. Lemonade is a healthy drink.
  2. Lemonade can be used in diabetes, sugar, heart problems, brain stress
  3. Lemonade keeps the mind fresh and healthy.
  4. It can be used for breakfast because it increases your brainpower.
  5. It can be used in bodybuilding and healthy diets because it reduces body fat.
  6. Lemonade increases calories in our body.

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