Chicken barbecue recipe at home | Healthy diet recipe

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  • Chicken two Kilogram
  • Garlic and ginger paste two tablespoon
  • Black spice powder two teaspoon
  • Salt two tea spoon
  • Red spice powder one teaspoon
  • Lemon juice 1/4 cup
  • Cooking oil two grams
  • Licking spices one teaspoon


Wash the chicken and dry it with a paper towel. Mix the black spice powder, salt, paste of ginger and garlic, red spice powder, and lemon juice in a cup. And then spread the mixture on the chicken and refrigerate the chicken to marinate. 

Burn the black coals and place the marinated chicken on a skewer. And place the chicken in a barbecue serving dish and sprinkle with the spices. Then garnish and serve the barbecue chicken to your loved ones. 

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  1. Chicken barbecue is a very delicious and healthy dish.
  2. Chicken barbecue with friends on a weekend is a great idea.
  3. We can prepare and serve this dish at parties and special events.
  4. Chicken barbecue is beneficial during diets and bodybuilding because chicken barbecue is high in proteins and calories. 
  5. Chicken barbecue is healthy for kids because chicken maintains proteins and calories in the human body.

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