Icecream Cake Recipe At Home | Easy Method

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  • Cocoa powder 2 spoons,
  • Fresh cream 20g,
  • White sugar 2 tablespoons,
  • Chocolate icecream half cup,
  • Vanilla icecream half cup,
  • simple sponge cake 50g,
  • Orange sirup half cup,
  • Chocolate chips half cup,
  • Cupcake covers,


    Divide the simple sponge cake into two pieces. Mix the fresh cream and add the sugar in it. Now spread the chocolate ice cream in one piece of sponge cake. And put in the fridge to chill it. 

    Now spread the orange sirup and vanilla icecream on another piece of sponge cake and place it separately in the fridge. That’s how ice cream covers the cake very well. Now add the cocoa powder in the mixed cream and cook on low heat for 10 minutes. 

    When it becomes dense and harder, then exteriorized both pieces of cakes and spread the mix cooked cream on sponge cake. And put it again on the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour. 

    Right after 1 hour exteriorized the cake from the fridge and cut it in medium pieces and place on cake covers and serve to your loved ones. And most important be safe stay home for your family and yourself.


    1. You can make happy everyone by serving these cakes because it helps to make the mood happy
    2. You can surprise the birthday guy with this delicious
    3. You can serve these cakes as dessert
    4. You can serve these cakes to the kids as snacks, and they love it too

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