Fresh Mango Juice | Live Cooking Show


  • Half kg fresh mangoes
  • 300g fresh milk
  • 20g white sugar
  • 5 lemons


    Cut the mangoes in very small pieces don’t forget to leave 1 mango for the phase of decoration. Boil the fresh milk carefully and let it be cooled.

    When the milk becomes cold then put the pieces of mangoes in milk with 20g white sugar and put all the mixed items in the juicer and blend it for 3 minutes after blending the delicious mango shake put the mango shake in a washed jug and let it to be chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.

    After 15 minutes you can see the juice looks delicious Now put the juices in beautiful wine glasses and squeezes the lemon in every glass and cut the remaining mango in long and thick pieces and decorate on the side of the glass. Now serve the delicious healthy mango shake for your loved ones.


    1. Mango shake is healthy for the human body.
    2. Mango shake is beneficial for kids and children because it improves the Harmon’s growth.
    3. Mango shake is very healthy during gym and bodybuilding sections.
    4. Mango shake is healthy for sick and weak peoples for fast improvement.
    5. 1 glass of mango shake helps in the diet also.

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